While our physical studio is not available due to the coronavirus restrictions, we have created an online platform for classes using Zoom. 


The Freeman Studio only exists to serve actors. Everything we do is governed by a simple principle: what is the best possible choice for a working actor today. With that in mind, we have adapted our offerings to allow for the differences in the online experience versus the in-person experience and to be sensitive to the finances of actors during this challenging time.

One of the benefits of the online platform is we are able to connect with actors from all over the country... and the world!


It goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway:

Please stay safe and healthy. If we don't see you online now, we want to see you back in the in the flesh in the near future.


Actors have a desire to explore many aspects of their acting craft.  Therefore, we reach out to exciting and innovative professionals to teach short-time [and affordable] workshops in a variety of disciplines. The actors find these useful, enlightening and inspiring.

Making it Personal w/MARIN IRELAND

Next Dates: July 23rd to August 13th

Audition Technique

Jack Doulin

Audition as Well as You Act w/JACK DOULIN

Next Dates: July 8th to July 29th

Audition Technique

The Moving Frame


Next Dates: TBA

Screen Acting on Set

Soliloquy to Scene w/JOHN DOUGLAS THOMPSON

Next Dates: August 4th to 25th

Acting Shakespeare

Amanda Quaid

Focus on Heightened Language


Next Dates: July 15th to Aug. 5th

Monologue Work

Sharpening the Tools w/REED BIRNEY

Next Dates: July 13th to August 3rd & July 2nd to July 23rd

Acting Technique

The Self-Tape w/ELLEN NOVACK

Next Dates: July 31st to August 7th

How to do Your Best Work in a Self-Taped Audition

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New York, NY 10013