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Acting Technique

Camera acting rarely allows the actor to rehearse before shooting a scene. But the trained actor knows how to prepare for the "on set" shoot. Be that actor!

Veteran actor and teacher, ANDREW DOLAN brings his many years of acting in films and television into the studio to guide actors in adapting their acting skills to on-camera situations.

This 5-WEEK WORKSHOP provides a deepening of techniques explored in previous studio classes: script analysis, character development and, most significantly, personalization. Actors will be cast in scenes, applying all those techniques.  After that deep dive, we will FILM and ANALYZE the work, making adjustments as though showing up to set “on the day”. 


Essentially, this class is a hybrid/bridge between Scene Study and On Camera Technique.  It will provide actors with the tools they need to work "on set" whether they are given scheduled rehearsal time or not.


Click here for Andrew's full bio.

WHEN: Sundays 2pm – 5pm

NEXT DATES: July 7th – August 11th [no class on July 14th]

COST: $375

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