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Audition Technique w/JACK DOULIN

A common refrain among actors is: "if I was simply cast I'd be great, but auditioning is the hard part!" In this class, casting director Jack Doulin will help you bring the same talents and confidence you have when you are rehearsing and performing into the audition room.


Through sides from recent plays Jack has cast, monologues, in-class exercises, and the "presentation of self," each actor will gain a greater control of their process. Also included will be discussions on the issues the individual artist faces. 

BONUS: Each week Jack will be joined by a noted veteran actor or director who will give the actor's perspective to the auditioning process. Because actors' schedules are unpredictable, these will be announced a week or two before each class.


The Freeman Studio wants its members to gain as much employment as possible, so the lessons of study can be applied in the workplace. We feel Jack Doulin will help any actor do just that. Click here for his full bio.

WHEN: Wednesdays 3 to 5:30pm | Next Dates: TBA

WHERE: Online via Zoom link

COST: $390

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