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About On-Camera Classes at the Freeman Studio

The Freeman Studio holds on-camera and stage acting in equal esteem. We take pride in the quality of our teachers and the class offerings of our On Camera division. These classes consist of weekly sides designed to strengthen each actor's ability to act on camera, as well as to audition effectively. They are offered on a constant, year-long schedule with four-week, renewable cycles.


Classes are limited to 12 students. Class is on a 4-week cycle and meets once a week, unless otherwise stated. Once you are enrolled in class, you may renew your spot. If you give it up, and wish to rejoin at a late date, you will be placed on the waitlist for the next cycle.

All In-Person Freeman Studio classes are held at our NYC studio in NoMad.

Find out more about each individual class below.

Andrew Polk pic_edited_edited.jpg

$298 per 4-week cycle

Class times listed in EST:

Mondays 6pm to 9:30pm

Tuesdays 10am to 1pm

Next Cycle:

March 11th

March 26th

About the Class:

This on-going master class, taught by noted actor Andrew Polk, is targeted for those actors who, although perhaps already working in the profession, seek greater knowledge and preparation in auditioning and performing on camera. Material will be prescriptively chosen from recent film and television scripts. The goal is to have each student grow more confident and expert in their own on camera technique.

This class is designed as an on-going class, so the actor can grow stronger over time. However, actors may take the class just once, if they prefer. Classes are on a 4-week cycle and meet once a week, plus an additional hold date. Once you are a member of the class, you will be invited to  renew your spot. If you give it up, and wish to rejoin, you will be placed on the wait-list for the next cycle.

Classes are limited to 12 actors.

For more information, contact our team or email

Andrew P's Class
amelia updated

Find out about Amelia and Anthony's

new 6-week workshop here. 


Next Offering:

April 8th

About the Workshop:


Veteran actors and teachers, Anthony Arkin and Amelia Campbell, provide an intimate and intensive dive into the preparation and experience of the on-camera audition.

For more information, contact our team or email

Amelia and Anthony's Class

Find out about Ellen's

new workshop here


Next Dates: March 8th

About the Workshop:

This class taught by Ellen Novack, esteemed teacher, coach and author of Taming the Cyclops, is for actors already practiced in their craft who seek to act more effectively on camera and strengthen their ability to create self-tapes that show their best work.

For more information, contact our team or email

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Ellen's Class
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