The Freeman Studio was founded to provide a Place for Actors.

A place that treats them with respect, in a nurturing environment and at a peer level equal to their talents.

A place where working professionals can continue their artistic growth, and promising actors can develop their talents.

A place where actors can enhance their artistry and careers at the same time.

In all we do, we are governed by what will be useful and meaningful to actors.


With the increasing pressures and time constraints of the rehearsal hall, film set and audition room, it is more important than ever that actors be given permission to slow down. The studio allows actors to concentrate on process while developing methods for practical application and acceleration of their technique for the workplace.


So often, for the trained actor, taking class is not always about learning new concepts, but being reminded of them and learning how to use them more effectively. The studio allows an actor to do just that, and with fellow actors at their peer level of experience. All actors must meet a criteria based on experience, talent, demeanor, ambition. In addition, they must be in the thick of their careers or actively pursuing that goal.


The studio offers a revolving series of affordable on-going classes, workshops, seminars and free events reflecting the needs and interests of today's working actor. These include participation by leading teachers, writers, directors, casting directors, and producers in the theatre & on-camera community.

When we are able to safety gather in person, the studio is also a social place for actors & anyone affiliated with the arts. Organized gatherings, parties, and studio-sponsored events are presented throughout the year.


Scene Study & On Camera
The core of our studio are the on-going Scene Study & On Camera classes. We believe that the way for an actor to improve and stay strong is through consistent practice. Being challenged to interpret new material and applying the mind, body, heart and soul to the task of bringing a new character and world alive, is essential to growing as a creative artist. But it also helps immeasurably in getting actors cast and excelling in those roles. Practice breeds Confidence.

The studio is fortunate to be affiliated with prominent teachers in a variety of disciplines, as well as prominent directors and playwrights. This allows us to offer a variety of useful and inspiring workshops for a shorter period of time and at a lower cost. These have included Auditioning Technique, Acting in New Plays, Voice, Dialects, Singing, Yoga, Clowning, and Shakespeare.

Free Events & Performance
We believe that it is not enough for us to train, inspire and connect actors to one another. It is also our responsibility to point an arrow from our studio to the career.

To that end, we are embarking on a new performance wing that will produce presentations throughout the year. These will be a combination of featured work from studio classes, and a variety of other presentations.