FREE EVENTS this Spring!

Actors have a desire to explore many aspects of their acting craft.  Therefore, we reach out to exciting and innovative professionals to teach seminars in a variety of disciplines. We are confident that actors will find these useful, enlightening and inspiring.


We also offer these as FREE EVENTS to build community. So come listen, learn and participate!


Each event is from 1:00 to 4:00pm


Ellen, who has been a casting director, film director, TV producer, manager, actor, and talent consultant, will talk and answer questions about making a life as an actor with special emphasis on thoughts from her new book, Taming the Cyclops: How to Do Your Best Work in an On-Camera Audition, and a class demonstration.


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Sunday, March 10th from 1 to 4pm


How to do Your Best Work in an On-Camera Audition


We often get in our own way. This seminar investigates blocks that stand in the way of actors doing their best work in auditions from the perspective of a casting director. There will be a discussion of ways to avoid the sabotage of self-confidence and other subjects of concern.

Overview, Q & A, and demonstration.


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Sunday, April 28th from 1 to 4pm


Audition Technique

with Jack Doulin

Author, teacher, career consultant and former agent, Phil will provide the most practical and useful information actors need to know today.


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Sunday, June 2nd, from 1 to 4pmm.


Practical and Current Information on the Business of Acting

with Philip Carlson

Respected dialect coach, teacher, and actor, Amanda Quaid will give understanding of what to do when your character has an accent. This is an acting issue, as much as it is a technical one.


Overview, Q & A, and demonstration.

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Sunday, March 31st from 1 to 4pm


Speech, Character and Identity

with Amanda Quaid

This class with director, dramaturg and teacher, Robert McQueen, will focus on Auditioning for the Musical Theatre. Participants will be asked to bring their audition song books and a monologue. Enrollment limited to 10 participants. Additional obvservers welcome!


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Sunday, May 12th from 1 to 4pm.


How to Do Your Best Work in a Musical Theatre Audition

with Robert McQueen

79 Leonard St.

New York, NY 10013