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The Freeman Studio was founded to provide an enriching and nurturing place for actors. On-going Scene Study develops acting techniques for film, stage or television.

We believe that constant practice breeds confidence and expertise, which result in greater success in the audition room, on stage, and on set. Therefore, the Scene Study classes are offered on a constant, year-long schedule.

Once an actor is enrolled they may renew their spot as long as they wish. Cycles are four weeks long. All of our teachers have prescriptive methods to get to the heart of what each actor needs to tackle practical challenges in their work, and to discover new techniques to grow in their craft. Find out more about each individual class below.

Scott Freeman

$398 per 8-week cycle

Class times listed in EST:

Fridays 11am to 2pm

Next Cycle:


About the Class

Scott Freeman has been dedicated to training actors for three decades. In that time, he has developed a practical, prescriptive method for getting to the heart of what each actor needs. His classes are for actors with substantial training and practice.

Acting exercises at the beginning of class are designed to augment the work being done in class. Actors are assigned scenes to perform with scene partners. This material is from produced plays, screenplays and television scripts. As the actor progresses in the class, there is increased collaboration in choosing material. Time is always set aside in each class, if necessary, for monologue work and/or upcoming audition material.

While the class work concentrates on process, there is an equal focus on the practical aspects of the career. This influences the material chosen and emphasis of each actor's growth.

Classes are limited to 8 students. Class is on a 8-week cycle and meets once a week, plus an additional hold date. Once you are enrolled in the class, you may renew your spot. If you give it up, and wish to rejoin, you will be placed on the wait-list for the next cycle.

Scott's Class
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