A select number of very promising actors who desire a defined and reliable technique that will serve and sustain them for a long career.

Because the work is prescriptive, class size is limited to 8 actors to ensure maximum personal attention.


The studio was founded for trained actors, which is why, until now, the studio has not offered classes that address core technique. However, many actors with obvious talent and experience, who have not yet developed a defined way of working, often apply to the studio. The actors we have met in this category have so inspired us that we were motivated to create this new opportunity.


Scott Freeman’s Ten Points, which are derived from fundamental Stanislavskian principles, provide the basic foundation for the Core Training. Each unit of study is dedicated to one of the points. While every actor must be a thinking artist, the emphasis is on making theory active. Therefore, basic concepts such as objective, obstacle, action, etc. will be taught so the actor understands them not just intellectually but more importantly, viscerally.

The class will consist of a series of exercises, leading to scene work, where all of the lessons will be applied.



Core Training’s goal is to give actors ownership of a describable, reliable personal technique that will serve and sustain them for a long career.


Studio Head, SCOTT FREEMAN, has taught his foundation technique at major institutions across the country. These include the MFA acting programs at The American Conservatory Theater and Rutgers University, and the BFA programs at the Guthrie Theater/University of Minnesota (founding head and master acting teacher), NYU Tisch, SUNY Purchase and The Stella Adler School of Acting. Additionally, he was a founding faculty member and master acting teacher at The Actors Center in New York for the eleven years of its existence, alongside fellow teachers Ron Van Lieu, Earle Gister, Lloyd Richards and Olympia Dukakis. In 2007, he founded The Freeman Studio and uses those same techniques with actors at advanced stages of their careers. See here for his full bio. 

ANDREW DOLAN has taught foundation technique for many years at The Stella Adler School of Acting, as well the American Academy of Dramatic Art and The American Conservatory Theatre [A.C.T.], where he was a member of the company and received his MFA in Acting. While at A.C.T. [and subsequently at The Freeman Studio], he was trained in Mr. Freeman's Core Training Foundation technique. His acting credits include Broadway, The National Theatre in London, Off-Broadway and many film and television credits. All of those, as well as his writing credits, can be found here in his full bio.


Acceptance is by interview and audition only.

A maximum of 8 actors will be selected for each class. As we are investing in actors’ careers, a strong peer level is paramount. To inquire and/or apply, please contact us.


Once an actor has completed the Core Training program, they will be eligible to enroll in on-going Scene Study to further apply the techniques learned in the Core Program.


Total cost for the eight-week experience:

$795 (eight weeks: sixteen classes)

Payment plans available!


While our physical studio is not available due to the coronavirus restrictions, we have created an online platform for classes using Zoom.

TARA GIORDANO has taught and directed  actors at Boston University, Shakespeare Theatre Company, American University and various studios in NYC. She holds a BA in Theatre and English from Middlebury College and an MFA from The Academy for Classical Acting at George Washington University. Her acting credits include Shakespeare Theatre Company, Studio Theatre and many Off-Broadway productions and new play developments. Read her full bio here.


Core Training will be offered continuously throughout the year.

Each session of the program consists of 16 classes over 8 weeks.

Classes meet on two days a week for two and a half hours.

Attendance in all classes is mandatory.

Upcoming 2020 sessions are:


Current Session: OCTOBER 12TH to DECEMBER 4TH

Next session:




Scott Freeman

10am to 12:30 pm EST

10am to 12:30 pm EST

Schedule & instructor subject to change prior to the opening of enrollment for a particular session.

79 Leonard St.

New York, NY 10013