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Actors Entrance Program

Begin your career on the right path...
Who is it for?

Early-career actors. 

A select number of actors who either have begun, or are on the cusp of entering, their chosen career and need to take the next major step in their journey towards being professionals.

It is not for beginning actors.

Whether you want to continue your training, move straight into your career, or apply to a conservatory or graduate school, this program will guide and position you for what you choose to do.

What is included?

Our curriculum puts an equal emphasis on stage acting and camera acting. This reflects the reality of necessary skill sets and career opportunities for today’s actor.

Each and every week, for six weeks, Actors will receive the following curriculum:

  • Acting Technique/Scene Study

  • On-Camera Acting Technique

  • Auditioning & Monologues

  • The Career: Practical Preparation

In addition:

  • Each actor will receive three private mentoring sessions with faculty members and/or guest faculty.

  • Symposium [several seminars with veteran professional actors, directors, playwrights, agents, casting directors, etc.]

  • Selective observership to other classes and workshops at the studio.


The next 2018 session dates: TBA.

The Actors Entrance program meets for six consecutive weeks.

Classes and events will scheduled:

  • Two full days: 10am to 6pm each day

  • Wednesdays and Fridays

Actors are required to commit to the entire curriculum. In addition, all actors in the program are permitted to observe other studio offerings and special events. This is not required, but is greatly encouraged.


The Freeman Studio is located in the Tribeca neighborhood of Lower Manhattan.  The space is warm, inviting, spacious and quiet. It is conveniently near most subway lines.


Total cost for the six-week experience: $1795

Payment plans are available.

How to Apply?

Acceptance is by interview and audition only.

A maximum of 12 actors will be selected for the Actors Entrance Program. As we are investing in actors’ careers, a strong peer level is paramount. 

To inquire and/or apply, please contact us at:

Actors Entrance Program
Our Philosophy

Actors at the outset of their professional career are often confused by the lack of a clear path towards their goals. The question: “Where do I start?” can breed many answers. Clearly, training is essential [How Do I Do It?]. As is career guidance [How Do I Get Work?]. But so is a mature understanding of what it is to be an actor in the contemporary artistic climate [Why Do I Do It?].

Most actors do not pursue the profession as a business proposition. They do it because they have a heart full of stories to tell, characters to play and worlds to inhabit… and a passion for communally bringing these stories to others. 

We firmly believe that the more an actor forms their personal relationship to the art form, while developing their craft, the stronger they will be in the business of it. However, for today’s actor, this must be done in tandem with effectively preparing them for the practical realities of the business. One can simultaneously be in the present, while pointing an arrow towards the future.

In all of the above aspects, by creating a strong foundation, you are intelligently preparing yourself for a richer and longer career.

Why are we doing this?

As our mission states: The Freeman Studio solely exists to serve, train, encourage and advocate for actors. Helping develop the next generation of actors is essential and important to us.  Actors Entrance is our initiative towards that goal.

Because we maintain a high-quality, veteran faculty and enjoy healthy relationships with esteemed members of the professional acting community, we are uniquely poised to provide this service. 

Our Goal

By the end of the six-week experience, each actor will have a stronger possession of their talents and acting technique, as well as a profound and realistic understanding of the career they are about to enter. This will position each actor to make intelligent choices about the next step in their journey.

What happens when it's over?

The relationship continues. All graduates of this program will become members of the studio and have access to the on-going curriculum of classes and workshops. Furthermore, we will be available for guidance beyond the studio.

Our Team

The same esteemed faculty who teach our professional actors teach all of the Actors’ Entrance classes, workshops, seminars and participate in the one-on-one mentorships. 

We do not have a “beginners” or “junior” faculty.

Our faculty includes, but is not limited to: Scott Freeman, Maria Dizzia, Reed Birney, Alexandra Neil, Jack Doulin, Marin Ireland, Amanda Quaid, Philip Carlson, Vance Barber, Jessica Cummings, and Bob Krakower. 

[See the Our Teachers page on this website for their bios.]

Past industry participants include: casting directors Will Cantler of Telsey & Co., Tara Rubin of Tara Rubin Casting, Kate Geller of Chrystie St Casting,  Allison Estrin of Estrin/Bergstein Casting, and agents from UTA, manager Ali McKegney, and Janet Zarish of NYU Grad Acting.


Prominent professionals [actors, directors, writers, etc] also participate. Past guests include: Neil LaBute, Annie Baker, Amy Herzog, Billy Carden, Sam Gold, Will Eno, Anne Kauffman, Santino Fontana, Cherry Jones, Frankie Faison, Larry Pine, David Auburn, Bruce Norris, Lois Smith, Florencia Lozano, Judith Ivey, Jayne Houdyshell, Mark Wing-Davey, Craig Carnelia, Hal Brooks, Adam Rapp, and many others.

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